Correo Corporatovo

ETIB SAS is an operator of the SITP of the zone and shuttle service component, born with the purpose of operating the concession with Transmilenio, whose purpose is the preferential exploitation and non-exclusive to the provision of the public passenger transport service within the SITP scheme; Which began operations on October 10, 2012, with route 496 in the operation yard of San José; adjudging the managing body (Transmilenio),the area of ​​the town of Bosa in the city of Bogotá by means of a tender (Concession Contract No. 003/2010), subsequently the shuttle service entered into operation in March 2015, the organization has a concession agreement 24 years of operation; It has offices of which one corresponds to the office of the General and Financial Management, main headquarters Autosur and other headquarters that correspond to Business Units (Operating yards) where administrative activities are carried out, along with the operation and maintenance of the mobiles.

SDQS 200X200
SITP 200X200
TU LLAVE 200X200
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